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Byron urges commuters to join the carpool

Australia’s first government-funded regional carpooling initiative which links drivers and passengers via the web, is being promoted throughout Byron shire with four new signs being installed.

Byron shire mayor Simon Richardson said the Northern Rivers Carpool project aims to create a network of commuters, from Tweed to Clarence, to share their travel time and reduce travelling costs.

The Carpool Project is a free and easy web-based service that matches travel details of like commuters.

‘With limited public transport in the region and increasing petrol costs, this initiative has the potential to assist many people,’ Cr Richardson said.

‘Already the service has almost 2,000 registered users so there is a good chance that their needs will be matched up with a nearby local,’ he said.

Council’s sustainability officer Sandi Middleton said, “most cars on the roads have only a single occupant so it makes sense to share the journey by filling up the car seats.

‘It’s also a great way to make new friends and even halve weekly fuel bills’, she said.